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A Religious Group Controls New York

We are living in an era of free speech suppression, and it is done by private companies, not governments.

I find the level of control that Jews have on American media platforms is very remarkable. I posted on Quora (a Q&A website) a question that highlights a problem that all New Yorkers know very well, but Quora deleted it completely within few minutes.

Upon appealing the moderation, they explained that they consider my question to be “hate speech” before closing the case permanently. The question that I asked was:

“Knowing that Jews have tremendous economic and financial control over New York and its Wall Street (the trading hub of the world’s economy), is it reasonable to think that Jews are in control of the finances or the economy of the United States?”

Anyone who has ever lived in New York City would understand very well that this is absolutely true. Confessing it on a social media platform, however, seem to pose a problem for this religious group, which is why they ban such knowledge from echoing in the media, and they label it as “hate speech” or “anti-Semitic”.

I bet you if the question was targeting any other religious group it wouldn’t get much attention. I know because I posted other critical questions in the past on Quora about Muslims and Christians, but these questions didn’t get on Quora’s radar at all.

There’s no “hate speech” or “love speech,” but only speech. Hate and love are very relative words, and their meaning differs from one person to the other. No universal authority exists that can decide what is considered hate or love.

When the public foolishly accepts the label of hate speech and endorse the decisions of the social media platforms such as Quora to purge the content they deem as hate speech, they’re strangling free speech in its cradle.

It’s time to wake up. We are living in an era of free speech suppression, and it is done by private companies, not governments.

Oppressing or subjugating people and suppressing particular practices always start with one fundamental step: labeling them with repugnant words, which evoke immediate condemnation in people’s minds.

The conquering Europeans labeled the natives as “savages” before massacring, imprisoning and virtually irradiating them. American colonists labeled the natives as “red skins” before rewarding citizens with gold coins for every Indian scalp they harvest off those they butchered. The Catholic Church labeled its critics as “heretics” before torturing them and burning them at the stake. And the history books is oozing with labels that ripped the humanity out of ordinary human beings before others subjugated them.

Subjugation is always arranged through such a devilish tactic, and this disgraceful practice is continuing systematically today by those who benefit from it the most: those in power.

Today, critics of the Jewish State or the Jewish religion are called “Anti-Semitic” before being publicly shamed or suppressed. THIS MUST END.

Criticism is a virtue of critical thinkers, and no one should be above criticism. Absolutely no one. Not the governments, not the law, not the religions, and definitely not those who control the finances of the United States.


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