Are All Countries On Earth Capitalist?


Every nation on Earth today is capitalist including those that the media falsely label communist. A capitalist is one who loves capital, which is the centralization of wealth or money. And if you take a glimpse at all nations around the world today including those running on welfare programs in Africa, you’ll notice that wealth and money are concentrated in the hands of very few people at the top of a pyramid scheme of capital.

Look at China for example which economists still mistakenly label as a communist nation as of today. China has big corporations and wage labor that is almost identical to that of the United States.

The main difference between countries such as North Korea and the United States is that in the first there’s a tiny handful of people who have all the money and wealth, whereas in the United States a broader class of people have access to most of the wealth of the nation.
All nations are fundamentally capitalist.
We live in a capitalist world.

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