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Capitalist Republics, Communist Republics & Socialist Republics Are All Equally Deplorable

All nations are fundamentally capitalist. We live in a capitalist world.

When a society centralizes all powers of governance into the hands of very few people, it inescapably becomes a tyrannical society. Similarly, when an economy concentrates or capitalized all wealth and money into the hands of very few people, it becomes a dictatorial economy.

Just how you don’t need an introduction to why tyranny is evil, no one should have to explain why capitalism is evil either.

Today we live in a cruel and tyrannical capitalist economy. The time for irreversibly abolishing this cruel system is long overdue.

Every nation on Earth today is capitalist including those that the media falsely label communist. A capitalist is one who loves capital, which is the centralization of wealth or money. And if you take a glimpse at all nations around the world today including those running on welfare programs in Africa, you’ll notice that wealth and money are always concentrated in the hands of very few people at the top of a pyramid scheme of capital.

Look at China for example which economists still mistakenly label as a communist nation as of today. China has big corporations and wage labor that is almost identical to that of the United States. The main difference between countries such as North Korea and the United States is that in the first there’s a tiny handful of people who have all the money and wealth, whereas in the United States a broader class of people have access to most of the wealth of the nation.

All nations are fundamentally capitalist. We live in a capitalist world.

Capitalism stands for the centralization of wealth and power in the hands of very few people. It is a system which institutionalized greed as a virtue and this is why most people you meet today are driven by greed.

I don’t see any good coming out of such a system that loves giving 1% of the human population absolute reign over the rest of humanity.

Capitalism is not a law of nature, and there’s nothing divine about it either. There are more humane social systems that can substitute it, on top of which is the blockchain-based direct democracy and its P2P economy.

The “distribution of all” is better than the “centralization of all” in my opinion. Wage slavery (aka employment) has devastated the human society and reduced generations after generations of human beings to slavery. Wage labor is no different from chattel slavery except that it is temporary. No one really loves to be bossed around and to be told what to do or what to think. People are not sheep. They are not machines either.


This partnership law is no more than a beautiful dream at the moment, but it is undeniably inevitable when the blockchain-based direct democracy and its P2P economy finally arrive, and all governments everywhere along with their capitalist economies collapse forever.

Such a universal law for humanity is bound to arrive like the day inescapably follows the night.

As for the issue of democracy, it is important first to understand that there are two major types of tyranny: monarchy and republicanism. Within a monarchy, the public does not choose its rulers, whereas in a republic the public only picks from a list of nominees (which the public did not nominate) to rule over them. These officials, however, are not in charge but are more or less employed by the ruling class.

In a republic, the public never nominates its officials but only gets to select from a handful of options that the ruling class carefully picked and conveniently made available. Through such modern dictatorial system, the ruling class nominates and elects itself indefinitely through the public as a vehicle.

The essence of republicanism is not the father-to-son inheritance of a nation, but the persistence of a specific worldview and a particular way of life imposed by a small ruling group of people.

We are living today under a form of government that I can best describe as “democratic tyranny.” Instead of one family ruling over the public, we have political parties (sometimes just a single party in some nations) that take turns every term.

Instead of using force and brutality to silence the political opposition, governments today use money and financial bullying to control the nomination process.

Instead of burning books and jailing writers, institutions control at least 90% of the mainstream media to ensure that the public is only getting the version of media that the government approves.

Source ~ Distribia: A Society Free of Tribalism.


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