Corporations & Governments Are Actively Altering Weather & Climate

Just like the weather, climate changes, of course. No reasonable person can argue otherwise. This change can be natural or unnatural (i.e. artificially created by corporations and governments). Drop a few nuclear bombs here and there and you’ll successfully plunge Earth into a nuclear winter for hundreds of years. Therefore, it’s completely possible for governments and big corporations to alter the Earth’s climate.

Governments and corporations are already altering the weather EVERY DAY by injecting chemicals into the sky to make it rain or snow through a process called “cloud-seeding.” The method employs planes that are fitted with flares loaded with salt crystals and other chemicals that are fired into warm clouds that have an updraft or rising current of air. The updraft then consumes the salt crystals into the cloud which causes tiny particles of water to collide becoming heavier and then falling as rain.

American corporations like insurance companies in Alberta are funding cloud seeding projects in order to lessen damage claims. Idaho Power Company, for example, is supporting cloud seeing to bring more snowfall during the winter. Wineries in Argentina have also used cloud seeding to prevent hail from damaging their vineyards. Governments like Dubai are constantly altering weather through cloud-seeding to make it rain over their dry deserts.

Now this brings me to the globalist scam of global warming (aka climate change). I’m calling it a scam not because it’s not real but because it’s artificially manufactured by corporations and governments to punish and enslave individual citizens while at the same time assigning the blame of global warming to individual citizens. Yes, corporations and governments are actively manufacturing global warming by orchestrating bushfires around the world like the ones currently raging in Australia and by forcing us to use fossil fuel and petroleum products. The endgame of corporations-made global warming is to achieve these two primary goals:

  1. Enslave citizens of every country on earth through a progressive tax called the carbon tax. This tax will be measured according to how much carbon you’re consuming. In this upcoming dystopia, when you buy any product from a supermarket, you’ll be taxed on top of the sales tax a carbon tax that depends on how much carbon went into making the product you’re buying. Also, depending on how much energy you’re using at your home, you’ll also be taxed a carbon tax that’s relative to how much carbon it took to produce that electricity.

  2. Accelerate the melting of the Arctic for cargo ships to pass across this new trade route through the Bering Strait. These waterways are highly strategic economically, politically, and militarily, which is why the U.S. Navy is updating its Arctic Strategy, why China has drawn up a Polar Silk Road whitepaper, and why Russia seeks to solidify its control of, and successfully monetize, the route that traverses 3,000 nautical miles along its northern coastline.

You’ve been warned.



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