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From Santiago To Paris, The Rebellion Continues

From Santiago to Paris, citizens around the globe are in rebellion against the fascism of central governments and the banking elites who puppeteer them. People are finally discovering the scam of fiatmoney counterfeiting and are finally realizing who controls governments. It’s the banks. It’s ALWAYS been the banks behind all wars and misery.

Capitalism is a dystopian financial system in which an unelected ruling class of people can counterfeit as much money as they want, then give it to their banks and corporations so the masses can work for them in the wage slavery system for scraps. That’s the real definition of capitalism that you’ve been brainwashed to overlook.

From Georgia to Chile to France to Hong Kong to Catalonia to the Netherlands to the Czech Republic to Ecuador to Bolivia to Colombia to Nicaragua to Serbia to Athens to Iraq to Iran to Syria to Lebanon to Egypt to Sudan to Algeria to Haiti, people are finally waking up to this fact in mass. These uprisings are all fighting one common enemy: POLITICIANS and the BANKERS who puppeteer them.

And that’s why protesters in Hong Kong and Iran and Lebanon are attacking and burning banks. Politicians around the world have proven themselves corrupt, and therefore, the only reasonable system of government is one entirely without them and their bankers.

Protesters are fighting for a decentralized form of government where decision-making is no longer centralized in the hands of a few corrupt politicians in the capitals of this planet but in the hands of ALL citizens collectively.

A similar concept exists TODAY in Switzerland where political decisions are made through national referendums by ALL citizens, not behind closed doors by politicians. In other words, the leaderless protesters are demanding a leaderless government. In this leaderless future, there’ll be no more standing armies or wars because there’ll be no big boss to lead them. The future will be peaceful BECAUSE it will be leaderless.

Most importantly, ALL banks will burn down to ashes along with their worthless slavery-based fiatmoney. There’ll be hundreds of thousands of decentralized opensource debt-free cryptocurrencies to choose from interchangeably.

Remember, the future will be peaceful BECAUSE it will be leaderless.



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