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The Cryptodollar: A Debt-Free Legal Tender Cryptocurrency

People are controlled by money. Bankers control all the debt-based papermoney of the world, and therefore, bankers control the people.

Very few people in our modern world today understand that they shouldn’t be paying any income tax at all. There’s no need for it whatsoever, but it’s forced on citizens by a cabal of bankers, who control all the debt-based papermoney of the world.

Today’s papermoney is essentially worthless paper, and it isn’t based on any unit of value. Therefore, it makes no sense whatsoever that governments must borrow it from bankers as a loan and pay interest on it instead of just printing the damn thing by the authority of the publicly elected government.

Luckily there’s a way to get rid of the banking sector altogether. The United States Congress can announce a paperless blockchain-based legal tender cryptocurrency. This cryptodollar would be a legal tender that isn’t based on anything like gold or any other reserve asset – just how the current monetary system of the world is at the moment. The value of this state-issued cryptocurrency, however, will be linked to gold, but not based on it. In other words, one coin would be equal to one unit of pure gold but the convertiblity of cryptodollar to gold, however, wouldn’t be permitted.

Is it possible that the value of this new money can be set arbitrary by an authority this way? Of course, it can! Because Congress says so and because Congress is the authority and represents the will of the American people. Therefore, if Congress wants the value of one cryptodollar to be equal to one gram of pure gold, it can be readily done through legislation. If alternatively, Congress wants each cryptodollar to be equal to one gram of silver instead, it can also readily be made so through a bill. The entire purpose of having a legitimate authority is to simply follow whatever the authority says or commands. It’s the principle of government.

Better yet, Congress can declare this cryptodollar debt-free, which means it can be issued by Congress on-demand to pay federal employees or American contractor in return for a job done or for paying federal bills. In contrast today, the American government can’t issue the dollar because it must always borrow it from bankers or financiers international or local. It’s the bankers who control the debt-based papermoney of the world, not governments. The American government DOES NOT control its dollar, and the same goes to every nation around the world. Interestingly, very few people know about this. Those same people who don’t know about this sham, have no clue what public debt is or to whom it is owed.

Public debt is fundamentally nothing more than legal fraud. I’m sure many know that the suffocating income taxes they pay go to a cartel of bankers who insist that all the money in the world must always be debt-based and that all governments everywhere must always borrow money from them. Where do these bankers get their money from? Nowhere! They just fraudulently invent it by printing numbers on worthless paper.

It only takes a single act by Congress to dump the debt-based dollar in favor of the independent debt-free cryptodollar. Unfortunately, most congressmen and congresswomen today are beholden to the banking sector and the institutions that grew around them. They’ll never write such a bill and will make sure it never surfaces.

The primary purpose of the American Revolution, which took place between 1765 and 1783 against the British Empire, was for the Thirteen American Colonies to issue their own currency instead of being forced to borrow it from Britain’s central bank as a loan and pay interest on it. It took a revolution for the early Americans to have an independent locally-issued currency.

Unfortunately, it would require another revolution for the American people to reclaim their monetary system, which was hijacked again in 1913 by the same international banking families who run Wall Street and the American economy today.

It is my sincere hope, however, that this revolution will be peaceful and in the form of nationwide mass protests.


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