Overpopulation Propaganda

Earth Is Not Overpopulated. It’s Just A Racist Propaganda.

There’s enough land to house everyone, enough food to feed everyone, and enough electricity to power the planet using renewable energy alone.

Neither China nor India or any other country in the world today is overpopulated because overpopulation is just a racist myth. Most people foolishly bought into the global propaganda that Earth has become overpopulated. It is not. Far from it actually.

Regarding land space, it is entirely possible to fit the entire human population of the planet in Ukraine or Texas alone, and they would be living almost as densely as in New York City today. This statement has been said numerous times, and when it comes down to basic math, it is true. And the last time I checked, NYC always falls on the top ten most visited cities in the world. Therefore, one could argue that the current entire human population would similarly be wanting to live densely all together in Ukraine or Texas.

Concerning food, there’s no shortage whatsoever, and in the United States alone around half of the produce is thrown away annually. There’s enough land to house everyone and enough food to feed everyone. It is just due to politics and the economic blockade, which is imposed on most third world countries, that prevents distributing the food more efficiently instead of dumping it away.

As for energy, it is just another big hoax because renewable energy alone such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric are more than enough to power the entire planet if the grid adopted a more distributed P2P structure similar to the one currently used by Germany’s smart grid in which neighbors can buy and sell solar electricity from each other independently. It is just the dysfunctional centralized power plants such as nuclear and coal that are incredibly wasteful that give the illusion of power shortage.

Everyone today can readily figure out that they are being lied to if they just drove for a short trip out of their cities. They would see the countless miles of virgin territory that stretch as far as the eye can see the moment they step out of the concrete bubbles in which they are deliberately concentrated. There are simply so many barren lands to build on, but unfortunately, the urban planners specifically design cities to produce a false impression of urban overpopulation. The prime reason for this problem is economical. By zoning a city in such a dysfunctional way and limiting the space allowed for new buildings, property prices spike as demand flood the market. And when property prices rise, property owners and urban developers profit the most while tenants suffer.

The overpopulation propaganda initially started with eugenics-loving racists like the Rockefellers and now is being pioneered through today’s elitists such as the likes of Bill Gates. Such a hateful breed of people think that procreation should be left to the “superior race” which is essentially white. They think that human beings should be enhanced genetically through controlled breeding just how dog breeds are developed to produce a superior version, which is basically white, tall, with colorful eyes, etc. As for the “inferior races” or the “mud people,” they shouldn’t be allowed to procreate excessively or mix with the “superior race” and must always be impoverished through sickness and economic blockade to keep their populations in check.

History has shown repeatedly that when nations become developed such as those in Europe, people naturally start producing fewer children. Studies have shown that the human population growth will eventually cap at some point around 11 billion and will level at that count for years to come.

Earth is NOT overpopulated and never will be.


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