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The Global Warming Hoax Is A Snake-Like Tactic By Corporations To Blame Customers For All Pollution

The Global Warming (aka climate change) false narrative is a shameless attempt by big corporations to blame all the pollution they’ve been actively producing for decades on consumers and punish them by imposing a carbon tax and similar penalties on citizens through corrupt Big Brother governments.

It’s very obvious, but corporate propaganda machinery is extremely efficient in brainwashing the masses into accepting false narratives. Just 100 companies are causing 71% of ALL the pollution on the planet. More than half of global pollution since 1988 can be traced to ONLY 25 private and state-owned entities!

Moreover, it’s the for-profit corporations that decided to manufacture plastics on a mass scale, and it’s also the corporations that popularized single-use plastics to the public through mass media. It’s also the for-profit corporations that decided to use fossil fuel as the primary energy source when eco-friendly alternatives were readily available at the time, such as hemp fuel and the electric engine.

Anything that petroleum-based plastics or fossil fuel can be used for, hemp seeds can readily and cheaply come as a renewable replacement. In fact, one of Henry Ford’s first cars ran on hemp ethanol and was made from hemp plastic, which is 10x stronger than steel!

So why did corporations decide to force consumers to use fossil fuel instead of hemp ethanol? The answer, of course, is INDUSTRY CONCENTRATION. Anyone anywhere in the world can produce hemp ethanol, but only a few countries have fossil oil. In other words, fossil fuel can be monopolized for profit, while hemp ethanol cannot.

And thanks to corporate propaganda, corporations successfully brainwashed citizens into thinking that they are responsible for the pollution and for picking up the trash that the corporations are creating! Through the corporate media, the responsibility to maintain the environment shifted from corporations to citizens. The blame shifted from the person selling to the person buying.

It’s imperative that we, as citizens, understand this burden that large corporations and propaganda outlets wrongfully laid upon us. Take, for example, the YellowVests uprising in France, which initiated after the French government imposed tax hikes on fuel (gasoline and especially diesel) as part of the government’s proposed carbon tax to improve the environment. Instead of taxing the income of corporations themselves, such as the gas stations or oil companies (sellers) that are selling gasoline and diesel, the government taxed citizens (buyers) instead. They penalized and punished the individual buying the poison, not the corporation selling it, which fueled the outrage of the already impoverished and overtaxed French working-class. And this carbon tax will soon spread to EVERY country on Earth like a virus to punish and enslave customers for the pollution that corporations are producing!

Pollution is the fault of corporations, NOT customers. The Global Warming hoax is a snake-like tactic by corporations to punish you for the junk they’ve been manufacturing and marketing to you. You’re being deceived.


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