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The Sheeple (Aka Sheep-People)

A short intro to the sheep-people (aka sheeple).

Allow me to introduce to you the sheep-people (aka sheeple). The dictionary definition of sheeple is people who unquestioningly accept as true whatever their political leaders say or who adopt a popular opinion as their own without scrutiny.

Sheep-people look like all other human beings, but yet they’re entirely different. Their predicament exists only within the few cubic centimeters inside their heads. They are recognizable by how they think and how they behave.

They particularly love to follow, and they can be trained to follow anyone and anything. The “need to follow” is engraved in the most primitive regions of their minds along with the need to feed and fornicate.

They can be easily led for as long as they are subjected to the instructions long enough and consistently enough.

They are brand loyalists who love brands and following them. And even though such brands are obviously overrated and overpriced, they don’t seem to care.

They talk and think just like the TV tells them to, which pours into a vague spot in their brains as instructions which identifies “being cool.”

They think of nature as an “animal kingdom” where only the strongest should survive whereas the weak should suffer the cruelty of the superior races or perish. They accept the doctrine of “lions don’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep,” and they apply it to the human society where they think that the strongest should lead while others should follow and endure by the natural order of things.

They think of the spiritual world also as a kingdom where one or more tyrannical beings sit on its throne. They think tyranny is the “way of the world, which is founded as tyranny by the creator,” and therefore one should accept to be submissive to the authorities as one would submit to a tyrannical God.

They love standing in lines, which they call queues, and some of them would be willing to stand shamelessly for hours just to have access to the next gig. In some cultures, sheep-people subconsciously stand in a queue the moment they see one before even knowing what the queue is for because they are led to believe by their cultures that queues are always a good sign that a desirable gig awaits them.

No one knows the total population of sheep-people around the globe precisely, but it’s reasonable to assume that they represent at least 80% of the human population.

Is there a cure for them? Of course, there is, but they deliberately gave up on such a remedy a long time ago. Sheep-people’s problem originates in their minds and can only be resolved there. It involves a practice called “critical thinking,” which is the objective, rational, skeptical, unbiased analysis, or evaluation of factual evidence to form a judgment.

Unfortunately, sheep-people are not interested at all in critical thinking. It’s the one muscle that they don’t use much. They prefer sitting in bars and have mindless conversations while they drug their minds voluntarily to hinder thinking as much as possible. They prefer to live passively and explore the depth of self-indulgence.

It is meaningless to try to convince the sheep-people to learn to be critical thinkers and lead their destinies on their own. Unfortunately, they were brainprogrammed since birth by their culture, religion, and the TV to be obedient and submissive to the authorities. All their lives they’ve been led to believe that they must always submit to following a leader. They cannot fathom a world without leaders.

Sheep-people are hopeless. I personally gave up on them a very long time ago, and maybe you should too.


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