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The U.S. Outsourced The Suppression Of Free Speech To The Private Sector

We live in a grim reality in which free speech is suppressed not by governments but by corporations.

When you become deeply involved with today’s economic model and how corporations operate, you’ll understand that all companies are intrinsically fascist dictatorships.

Decisions are always taken in a top-down structure. The wage slaves (aka employees) are never involved in decision-making, and they are fundamentally deplorable.

Capitalism’s wage slaves are expected to exhibit love and devotion to the company that they work at and to its owner in the same way citizens do to their fascist dictator.

Today, the world seems to agree on denouncing fascism or tyranny in government, but still, they endorse and encourage tyranny in the economy. It is time to wake up.

Are today’s companies undemocratic? Yes, of course, they are.

We live in a grim reality in which free speech is suppressed not by governments but by corporations. And knowing that almost every media outlet today is a privately owned platform, the American constitutional rights for the freedom of speech and the press has become nothing more than a cynical joke. When was the last time you received your news from a public or government-owned platform? They are almost all private.

It is self-evident that the republics of the world have outsourced the suppression of free speech and the press to the private sector. In this day and age, it is not the governments that silence the critics, but it is the social media cartel such as Facebook, Twitter, Quora, etc.

The silencing of free speech by private media outlets is an important issue that deserves to be understood due to its implications on society. When independent writers such as myself highlight the dilemma of the censorship of free speech by social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, we are slammed by a moronic phrase “they are private companies, and they can do whatever they want!”

What if the United States outsourced part of its incarceration system to the private sector, can these private companies lash and rape prisoners routinely and systematically whenever or however they want? They are private companies after all, and they should be able to do whatever they want. Well, here you might say “but rape is illegal!” but the same goes for the suppression of free speech. Why the double standard here? Why allow for private businesses one illegal practice but not the other?

What the social media platforms never tell you is that the protocols they put in place for censoring posts and accounts accused of “hate speech” can be readily given to you so you can turn them ON/OFF on demand from the settings of your account to shield yourself from undesirable content instead of the dictatorial administrators banning accounts and deleting content from the platforms entirely.

If you don’t like crazy folks like Alex Jones, simply don’t listen to them or block them even, but to support the platform itself into purging such people and preventing them from speaking entirely is unquestionably dictatorial.

The price we have to pay for democracy is hearing the other side. When a society starts silencing the voices it disagrees with, it gradually slides to tyranny, which the history books know very well how awful and devastating it is to the public. If you can’t handle listening to the other side, then honestly you don’t deserve democracy. You’re better off having a fascist dictator like Mussolini run your society.

In theory, writers and journalists in the United States enjoy the freedom of speech and the press, but in practice, unfortunately, such liberties are suppressed. Independent writers are oppressed or shut down while the establishment-owned writers shine or are marketed.

In practice, our constitutional rights to speak and write critically or independently are meaningless.

There’s no “hate speech” or “love speech,” but only speech. Hate and love are relative words, and their meaning differs from one person to the other. No universal authority exists that can decide what is considered hate or love.

When the public foolishly accepts the label of “hate speech” and endorse the decision of the social media platforms in purging the accounts accused of hate speech, they’re strangling free speech in its cradle.

We are living in an era of free speech suppression, and it is done by unaccountable private companies, not governments.


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