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The Worst Type of Murderer Is One In A Uniform

Uniformed murderers are the worst.

The worst type of murderer is one in a uniform. When a non-uniformed murderer butchers a family, he’s considered a monster and people call for his immediate execution. When a uniformed murderer does the exact same thing, he’s called out as a hero by the tribe to which he belongs.

A non-uniformed murderer might feel wrong or ashamed when he/she kills people, but a uniformed murderer calls it out as a civic duty and demands respect for it.

A non-uniformed murderer might kill out of a conscious determination, while a uniformed murderer doesn’t have a single original thought and is commanded like a mindless automaton.

A non-uniformed murderer is an amateur killer whereas a uniformed murderer is trained, encouraged, disciplined, and institutionalized for years to be as effective as possible in the business of killing.

A non-uniformed murderer uses basic tools to kill people like a large knife or a hunting rifle whereas a uniformed murderer uses state-of-the-art grenades, missiles, and weapons to slaughter his victims.

A non-uniformed murderer might kill a handful of people before he/she is locked up or executed, but a uniformed murderer might kill hundreds or even thousands of people before happily retiring as a model citizen with a satisfying pension.

Unfortunately, we live in an insane world where citizens are brainwashed at birth to accept one kind of murderer but not the other. It’s time to wake up.


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