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Uncle Sam Is Far Worse Than Hitler Ever Been

If you were processed by your country’s indoctrination system (schooling system in doublespeak) you probably think that Hitler was the embodiment of the devil but if Hitler could see the expanse and tyranny of Uncle Sam’s military empire, he would cry in envy.

Uncle Sam’s 243-year-old stolen country has been at war 93% of its lifetime! His military spending is officially the size of the next 10 largest military budgets around the world COMBINED! Uncle Sam maintains nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories around the world! For the last several decades, Uncle Sam has openly funded, supported, and armed various terrorist networks throughout the world to forward an agenda of neverending terror and proxy war.

Uncle Sam’s War Of Terror (War On Terror in doublespeak) is designed to be a forever war, which is currently taking place in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. And while Hitler’s regime was antagonist against Jews, Uncle Sam’s regime is antagonist against Muslims. What do Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen all have in common? They’re all Muslim nations. Uncle Sam is estimated to have killed at least 3.1 MILLION citizens in these countries alone.

George W. Bush acknowledged the existence of secret torture prisons operated by the CIA during a speech on September 6, 2006, long after human rights NGOs exposed them. A Black Site is a CIA-operated secret torture prison where CIA agents and military personnel freely explore the depth of human torture and cruelty. The unspeakable torture of Muslims that takes place in these torture houses is beyond belief. ANYTHING the Nazis did to Jews during WW2 pales in comparison to what Uncle Sam and his Zionist friends are doing TODAY to Muslims in Palestine and around the globe.

At a Black Site, Muslims are forced into wearing only socks and a diaper and shackled to a metal ring in a wall designed for sleep deprivation or chained naked in a pitch-black cold cell. In these monstrous torture houses, Muslims are routinely subjected to regular beating, sleep/food/water deprivation, extreme cold or heat, electric shocks, rectal feeding, and much more. Rectal feeding is one of many barbaric methods of torture the CIA employs in their Black Sites against Muslims. A declassified CIA “torture report” revealed in disturbing detail how they used the procedure to humiliate and injure Muslims at Guantanamo and other detention sites. Rectal feeding is the act of infusing a patient’s rectum with large quantities of fluids through a drip system. It’s a century-old technique that rose to prominence during WW1.

The United Nations revealed practices by Uncle Sam that prove an unprecedented departure from the Geneva Convention’s international human rights laws. A new report from the United Nations shows Uncle Sam and his allies in the 18-year-old colonial war in Afghanistan have killed more innocent men, women, and children than the group they claim are the bad guys (the Taliban).

Uncle Sam also has a proven record of regime change wars and sponsoring violent coups worldwide including 15 nations in Latin America alone: Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica , Cuba, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina.

This bloodthirsty war record clearly proves that Uncle Sam is far worse than Hitler ever been.


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