What’s Wrong With Capitalism?

Capitalism is a social order built on greed. It's a system designed to maximize personal gain at the expense of others.

When a society centralized all powers of governance into the hands of very few people, it inescapably becomes a tyrannical society. Similarly, when an economy concentrates or capitalized all wealth and money into the hands of very few people, it becomes a dictatorial economy. Just how you don’t need an introduction to why tyranny is evil, no one should have to explain why capitalism is evil either.

Capitalism stands for the centralization of wealth and power in the hands of very few people. I don’t see any good coming out of such a system that loves giving 1% of the human population absolute reign over the rest of humanity.

Capitalism is not a law of nature, and there’s nothing divine about it either. There are more humane social systems that can substitute it, on top of which is the blockchain-based direct democracy and its P2P economy.

The “distribution of all” is better than the “centralization of all” in my opinion. Most people don’t understand that wealth is limited; that the more wealth a handful of people accumulate, the less there will be available for the rest of us. Unfortunately, the capitalist economies of the world are built on the idea of “capitalizing” or “centralizing” wealth and power into the hands of very few people. It is a system that guarantees social division and inequality.

Capitalism’s wage slavery (aka employment) has devastated the human society and reduced generations after generations of human beings to slavery. Wage labor is no different from chattel slavery except that it is temporary. No one really loves to be bossed around and to be told what to do or what to think. People are not sheep. They are not machines either.

There’s no real solution for poverty or inequality within the framework of a capitalist system because the system itself is the problem. The blockchain-based direct economy is the answer and the social order that will come next after capitalism collapses forever.

THOSE WHO WORK THE BUSINESSES MUST OWN THEM AND RUN THEM. This partnership law is no more than a beautiful dream at the moment, but it is undeniably inevitable when the blockchain-based direct democracy and its P2P economy finally arrive, and all governments everywhere along with their capitalist economies collapse forever.

Such universal law for humanity is bound to arrive like the day inescapably follows the night.


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